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Spain, with its lush countryside, stunning beaches, hot summer temperatures and traditional haciendas is sought-after by 90% of international property buyers. If you are interested in buying a Spanish property, read on to learn more about this beautiful country, well-known for Flamenco, bullfights, oranges, olive oil, tapas and superb wine.

Country Profile

Located on the Iberian peninsular in South West Europe, Spain is bordered by France, the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco, Portugal, the Atlantic Ocean, Gibraltar and Andorra. The majority of this country (called Europe’s sunniest) enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Considered the world’s largest producer of olive oil and third largest exporter of wine, Spain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate is once again on the rise. Among the key contributors to the country’s steadily growing economy (ranked fourth largest in the Eurozone) are the Industry, Services and Agrarian sectors.

Spain provides its inhabitants with free healthcare facilities, ranked among the world’s finest. A wide network of modern, well-equipped hospitals and healthcare centres, ensures that you are never far away from medical aid.

Top-notch free tutoring until secondary school level ensures that all Spanish residents receive a world- class education. With over 70 universities (including the internationally recognized Complutense University of Madrid) to choose from and nearly two-thirds being state-funded, it is possible to receive a quality low-cost higher education.

Spanish, frequently called Castilian is the country’s national language. It shares its official status with Basque, Catalan and Galician.

With a population of over 46 million, affordable living costs and an excellent public transport system, it is little wonder that the luxury Spanish villas, sumptuous apartments and holiday homes in Spain are a popular choice.

Culturally rich - Spain has fascinating art museums, Gothic cathedrals and ancient walled towns and world-famous traditions like bullfighting and flamenco - this country is popular for its spectacularly celebrated fiestas such as San Fermin, La Tomatina and La Tamborrada and its religious pilgrimages like El Rocio.

When they are not attending fiestas, residents of upmarket Spanish properties enjoy a variety of leisure activities including golfing, sailing, hiking and watersports, visiting the music bars, all-night discos and clubs, chatting with friends over Churros and Hot Chocolate at their neighbourhood cafes.

Spain Property Market

Spanish property for sale includes a mix of Spanish villas, houses and penthouses, Spanish studios, fincas and new build homes. Also in demand are luxury duplex apartments, golf properties and magnificent Spanish beachfront mansions.

For beautiful houses and other fashionable Spanish properties, international buyers flock to picturesque Marbella, Puerto Banus, Sotogrande and Estepona as well as the ancient port cities of Málaga and Cádiz.

With plenty of Spanish property for sale, finding your dream home isn't hard. Buying a Spanish property, however, is complex due to several legal processes to follow and taxes such as property transfer taxes of 10%, legal fees (1 to 2%) and other miscellaneous costs (1% stamp duty) to be paid.

A good understanding of Spanish property law, or hiring the services of a qualified professional goes a long way in ensuring your property purchase goes smoothly.

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