Make a Portuguese property your home

If you’ve recently bought property in Portugal with Winkworth International, we’d like to congratulate you. Perhaps at this very moment you’re sipping champagne and leafing through photos of your luxury villa in Carvoeiro or apartment in Praia da Luz.

Carvoiero Algarve property for sale
  Luxury Carvoeiro villa with a private pool and panoramic ocean views

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the tax benefits afforded by Portugal’s non-habitual residency scheme, it’s likely that you plan to spend more than just holiday time in your new property; to qualify for this scheme you must first live in the country for at least 183 days of the tax year. So, beneath the idyllic picture there is plenty of detail to fill in before that new house feels like home.

How then do you furnish your new life abroad with the necessities - from broadband to healthcare, transportation to tin opener? Well, if you’re relocating permanently you’ll have plenty to take with you. Fortunately for British buyers, the route to Portugal is a well serviced one, frequented by established removal companies such as Trans-Portugal and AIM - to name but two - that benefit from both UK and Portuguese warehouse locations. You might also be comforted to know that John Lewis guarantees delivery of those essential new pots, pans and coffee machines to homes throughout Portugal within a week.

PraiadaLuz Algarve propertyforsale
  These contemporary Praia da Luz apartments for sale come with several lifestyle amenities

A move to any new area requires time to acquaint yourself with the best supermarket, restaurant or medical centre. If like others, you’ve been inspired to move after holidaying in the Algarve, you’ll probably already know about that handy Lidl in Lagos, a short drive from the charming beachfront town of Praia da Luz and bustling Saturday morning market in Loule. You might also be eager to immerse yourself in “authentic” Portuguese life.

However, talking to other expats already settled in the Algarve can be invaluable for understanding local customs and logistics, especially if you’re not (yet) proficient in the language. A quick google of Portuguese expat forums reveals a wealth of information, from the best pump for your pool to recommended English speaking Advogados (lawyers). While there’s nothing like doing your research in person, reputable sites such as Internations can make an informative starting point.

Finally, our own experience of life in Portugal says that learning the language will always work to your advantage. Thanks to British tourism, English is widely spoken, but when it comes to understanding that automated phone call about your internet connection, you’ll be glad you persevered. Paying a fee for translator services can also be useful if you have a specific need; see for more information.

If you’ve not yet made your move, let us show you our portfolio of property for sale in Portugal. Our villas and apartments across the Algarve will soon have you popping champagne corks too.