(Part 1) Wanting to Retire Abroad? Things You Need to Consider

It’s estimated that between 4,000 to 8,000 British people choose to retire overseas every single year. In a recent study, HSBC found that one in ten people consider making the move abroad after they have retired. 

The reason for this is varied; some move for the weather, whilst some are seeking a more relaxed way of life.

Winkworth specialise in helping people find the perfect property for sale in Portugal. It’s our job to help those wishing to move to sunnier climates, and find a property that they will be happy to move into. We’ve helped a lot of retired couples make this big step over the years and we have given them some helpful advice during the consideration period.

If you’re considering buying a home abroad after you retire, here are a few things that you need to consider first.

Research Countries

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Whilst it might be tempting to pack up and move anywhere, it’s often not as easy as it sounds. It’s important that you research the countries that you’re interested in, find out the climate, and find out if there are any legal issues preventing you from moving there.

As mentioned, researching the climate is just as important as the country. When moving from the UK, you don’t want to be choosing a country in which the weather is going to be uncomfortably hot all year round. Choosing somewhere like Portugal, in which the climate is moderate, is a much better option. It still has around 300 days of sun a year, which is still a huge improvement on where you are moving from.

Remember it’s not a holiday. Don’t automatically choose your favourite holiday location – living there could be very different!

Research Location

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Once you have decided on a country, you need to then research towns and cities within your chosen location. What type of place do you want to live in? Remote? Busy? Town? Beach? These are all important questions to ask yourself when it comes to looking around.

We suggest that you choose somewhere with good transport links and not too far from the airport. You might want to live somewhere quiet, but in an unfamiliar country, you shouldn’t isolate yourself too far from surrounding people.

Take Time & Learn The Language

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Knowing a few words and phrases in the local language could make a big difference in how you are accepted there when you move. Although English is a language that is understood and spoken in many countries throughout the world, it will still look really good if you’re able to understand their language, whether it’s Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

You don’t need to be fluent in the language. Knowing the basics will make your move a lot easier, and allow you to truly enjoy the culture.

We hope that we have made the process a little easier for you so that it helps you make a more informed decision. Keep checking back for part 2, where we will be giving you more tips on retiring abroad!

If you’ve already made your mind up, we will be more than happy to make an appointment to discuss the process in more detail. To discuss moving to Portugal with an experienced member of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 020 7870 7181 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.