Why buy in a Tuscan city? Your questions answered

If you’ve fallen in love with Tuscany’s hillside villages, vineyards and olives groves you might well believe a countryside property is the only one for you.

Why then, would you buy in a Tuscan city? Winkworth International is here to answer your questions.

Luccacanal Tuscany propertyforsaleColourful apartments either side of the Via del Fosso canal in Tuscany’s northern city of Lucca

How is city property in Tuscany different to other cities?
One reason the Italian property market has been stable for so long lies in its stringent planning laws, meaning that development is restricted and your average historic property is unlikely to have its value threatened by an ugly high-rise. For this very reason, city property in Tuscany is the polar opposite of, say, the ever increasing urban sprawl in London or New York.

luccacitypropertycourtyard Tuscnay propertyforsale
The charming courtyard of a city property in Lucca

This means that cities like Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Florence retain a beauty, romance and unparalleled light quality, all unique to Tuscany. You’ll find that if you stand in the centre of Florence and follow your eye, the rolling hills of Tuscany won’t be far away. Open the shutters of your Lucca apartment and you’ll see the same familiar landscape just beyond the city walls. Maybe buying a city property in Lucca is not such a tough choice after all.

Who can buy property in Tuscany?
Any EU citizen can buy property in Tuscany and the rest of Italy. A non-EU citizen can also buy property if they have a visa or there is a reciprocal agreement with their country of origin. The number of international property owners in Tuscany is proof that the buying process is straightforward, however, engaging a legal professional to complete your purchase is essential.

Luccahillsideproperty Tuscany propertyforsale
Lucca lies to the west of this hillside property, a ten minute drive outside the city walls

Where are Winkworth International’s favourite city properties?
We recommend investing in a hillside property in Lucca if you seek value for money in an authentic Tuscan city. Lucca is a less obvious tourist hotspot than Florence, though its Old World buildings and town square - where Trattorias serve Tuscan wines and mouth-watering dishes - are equally captivating. The entire city is easily navigated on foot, or you can drive a few kilometres to the idyllic hillside parish of Pieve Santo Stefano. Lucca apartments can also earn you holiday rental income; holiday rental listings such as airbnb feature a healthy demand for this type of city-break property.

For a smaller town alternative that’s big on glamour, we advise you to investigate property in Forte dei Marmi and the neighbouring port of Viareggio. Tuscany’s West Coast riviera is a high-profile favourite, with designer boutiques, a vast superyacht marina and exclusive beach clubs. Like the rest of Tuscany, however, Forte dei Marmi is full of surprises waiting to be discovered; scented pinewoods, a local bakery and a tranquil town square make it the perfect place to be both in and out of season.

cortona tuscany propertyforsale
Soak up the Tuscan sun in the romantic hilltop town of Cortona

Further south the hill top town of Cortona (pictured above) offers affordable town property in romantic surroundings. Made famous by writer Frances Mayes in Under the Tuscan Sun, Cortona is an ancient town of Etruscan origin. Its winding streets, works of art and sweeping views make it the perfect spot to soak up Tuscany. Owning property in Cortona is like buying a living piece of history.

Finally, what makes city property in Tuscany a deal clincher?
It’s simple. Buying city property in Tuscany really does mean you can indulge your dreams of la dolce vita without sacrificing on a sound investment. Meanwhile, for sound real estate advice, contact the Winkworth Italy office.

Image Source: flickr.com