Tuscan homes for buyers with green fingers

If you have green-fingered ambitions, a property in Tuscany might just be the ideal home for you. A warm, sunny climate, abundant water sources flowing down from the mountains and loose clay-like soil makes this region the perfect environment for plants, trees and vines to take root.

LaPetraia Florence Tuscany
The gardens at Villa LaPetraia in Florence

Stand in any part of central Florence and your eye will be eventually be drawn beyond the immediacy of its spectacular buildings to the surrounding verdancy of hills populated with iconic Tuscan Cypress trees and terraces planted with vines. In Florence itself, pockets of land are given over to garden squares, planted harmoniously with Tuscan roses and ornamental trees.

Lucca Tuscany Property sale Property in and around the ancient city of Lucca benefits from fertile soil and sunshine

If you’re seeking inspiration for your own Tuscan garden, the family-run nursery in Pistoia - midway between Florence and Lucca - is the place to visit. Innocenti & Mangoni Piante comprises 250 hectares and 1500 varieties of field or container-grown plants and trees - a true gardener’s paradise. In fact the RHS even includes a visit in its Garden Tours of Italy holiday package - the ultimate accolade. Innocenti and Mangoni seed catalogues are available in English and the nursery does a brisk international trade.

Lucca Tuscany Property for sales
Imagine - your own Tuscan property with acres of manicured gardens, fruit trees and olive grove attached

If you’re someone for whom the lure of being a Tuscan landowner means more than simply planting your garden, it’s perfectly possible to buy property with its own olive grove, vineyard or orchard (see picture above). In Tuscany, olive and wine production are not the only means of making your property pay its way - from essential oil yielded by Eucalyptus trees to the harvesting of apples, oranges and lemons, growing your own produce can be quite literally fruitful here.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that anyone can have a go - sophisticated eco-farming methods such as perma-culture are just as common in Tuscany as being au-fait with best practice in terms of employing local staff. Nevertheless, there are a number of British success stories when it comes to working olive oil farms and vineyards - take a look at Il Palagio, the award winning Tuscan estate belonging to Sting and Trudi Styler - no less - for some high-profile inspiration.

Whether your aspirations extend to mowing an entire meadow or just tending a terracotta tub on your balcony, Winkworth Italy estate agents has a selection of Tuscan properties waiting for some green-fingered love. Contact us now for more details.

Image Source: italia.it