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France is well-known for its delectable cuisine, superb wine, iconic museums and scenic beauty. If you are interested in buying a French property, read on to know more about the country which some of the world’s most beautiful people call Home.

Country Profile

Located in Western Europe, France shares its’ borders with eight countries, the Mediterranean Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and North Sea.

The climate in France differs from area to area, with South-West France and the Mediterranean areas, (known for stunning French Villas, French Holiday Homes and French Apartments), enjoying the best climate.

With tourism booming alongside other industries, the French economy is now ranked fifth in the world. France is also well-known for its excellent healthcare system, free top-quality education and internationally recognized university degrees. It is little wonder that the elegant French properties on sale, are snapped up.

French is the official language; a good working knowledge goes a long way towards gaining local acceptance.

With a current population of around 64 million, France is not as crowded as many other European countries; it is possible to find luxurious French Chateaux and French Holiday Homes in quiet areas.

While the cost of living is high, the social welfare benefits and high standard of healthcare make owning a stylish French property an attractive proposition.

The French lifestyle is a colourful one, in which gastronomy, wine and traditions such as Le Noel and Paques play an important role.

Landmark events such as Bastille Day, music and festivals, such as the Lemon festival, are celebrated in style; houses in France stand empty as the French turn out in huge numbers, to watch the parades and firework displays.

Popular social and leisure activities like sailing, alpine skiing and splitboarding provide plenty of opportunities to socialize with the locals near your chic French property.

Country Property Market

With so much on offer, it is little wonder that discerning international buyers are queuing up to buy French properties such as French holiday homes, cottages or manors in rural France and purely investment properties.

Other quality French properties for sale include French Villas, French Apartments, Townhouses and French Chateaux. Ski Chalets in France continue to be in demand.

While Paris, the French Alps and the Cote d’Azur remain high on the list for opulent French properties, many international buyers are opting to purchase properties in lesser-known but equally picturesque areas like Languedoc Roussillon, Avignon, Dordogne and Poitou-Charentes. Buying and owning a French property can be complex due to the many legal rules. Furthermore, France levies multiple property and other taxes on property owners. The services of a professional well-versed in French property and tax laws could well be worth your while to ensure you end up owning a property suited to your needs.

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