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  • The Alps – A Great Second Home Location?

    DSC06562    The first Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix in 1924, the games were held at the foot of Mont Blanc and across the Haute-Savoie. Since this time Alpine winters have been viewed by the world as nothing short of iconic.       Today many of the biggest skiing resorts are broadening […]

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  • Nice Today, Gone Tomorrow!

    100422_NH_Nice_Prop_cosy_7  Voluptuously fashionable since the end of the 18th Century the French Riviera first became a favorite resort for the British upper class. The age of steam in the mid-19th century heralded an era of luxury travel and British, Russian, and other aristocrats flocked to the Riviera. It’s reputation as a playground for the cultured […]

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  • Francois Hollande je t’aime, moi non plus – The French Property Market Today.

    LC10  A good adultery scandal in France usually boosts a politician’s ratings in the polls. Not so for Francois Hollande. His recent ineffectual handling of the economic crisis has led him to be ranked as the least popular president of the Fifth Republic. Yet there is hope on the horizon for France. French government figures […]

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